Saturday, February 14, 2015

Includes 2 qty Nut Milk Bags + 1qty Banana Slicer Our Nut Milk Bag XL is the perfect companion to any healthy home. It has multiple uses and is made to last! Heavy Duty nylon construction withstands use after use, wash after wash. Stands up to the toughest squeezing. Elastic band on the bag allows it to easily secure to a pitcher or blender while you pour liquid through.--- Fine Mesh is perfect for straining Raw Nut Milks & Juice Pulp. A must for masticating juicers - strain out the remaining pulp for super smooth juice! +++++ Use for Sprouting seeds & wheatgrass -- great for keeping seeds moist but with good airflow to prevent mold. ----- Extra Large size - 1 Gallon - big enough for all needs.----- The included Banana Slicer is a Handy Time Saving tool. It slices an entire banana in 1 press! just push over the banana and you have instant banana chips - perfect for dehydrating, fruit salads or fun snacks for the family - Kid Friendly - it is safe to use, no sharp edges. Don't spend time slicing bananas - slice many bananas in seconds! ----- SAVE $$ with this Combo Pack!

Buy 2 Nut Milk Juice Pulp Jelly Strainer Bags XL (1 gal) + Banana Slicer Chip Tool at amazon

  • 165590 in Kitchen & Housewares

  • Size: XL

  • Brand: RawNori

  • Model: 2bag+banslicer

  • Fabric type: Nylon

  • Dimensions: .25 pounds


  • 2 qty Heavy Duty, Extra Large Nut Milk Bags for all straining needs - milks, juices, sprouting, jams

  • Nylon fine mesh is durable + reusable - Washed clean everytime! Won't harbor mold or bacteria

  • Make Fresh, Raw, Nut Mylks from your favorite nuts simply and easily - Almonds, Cashews, Pecans + more

  • Elastic band on Nut Milk bag allows it to easily secure to a pitcher, blender, juice collection container, juicer and more to hold while straining liquid through

  • Banana Slicer makes instant banana chips from whole banana in 1 press - for dehydrating or snacks

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