Saturday, May 16, 2015

iRobot Roomba Discovery Cordless Robot Vacuum Cleaner 4210 - The Roomba is the first practical and true robotic household appliance. It completely takes the drudgery out of cleaning your floors. This flat circular object 'intelligently' moves around your room, gliding on the floor, sucking up dust and dirt along its patch. It detects furniture and cleans around them. It can, however, clean beneath furniture if there's ample space for it to fit (i.e. beneath beds). Roomba Discovery is leading the way into the next generation of Roombas. With more advancements and improvements, Roomba Discovery features dirt detect, a self-charging Home Base and an Advanced Power System that makes this the finest robotic floorvac on the planet. And there's still a lot of planet left to clean.

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  • 1565303 in Home

  • Brand: Roomba


  • The Roomba Discovery comes with - Rechargeable battery, 3 hour charger, Wall Mount, 2 Virtual Wall units, Roomba Remote, Home Base, 1 spare filter

  • Illuminated Body - glows in darkened areas for easy visibility

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