Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why the FryDaddy electric deep fryer is the right fryer for you!
While there are many reasons to choose the FryDaddy electric deep fryer, the most important ones are tied to the equal 4:4 oil to food ratio: 4:4 = cups of oil to fry 4 cups of food
Most other fryers can't match this efficient oil to food ratio. In fact, some require two cups or more of oil for each cup of food.
Speed: Because the FryDaddy deep fry uses just four cups of oil, the pre-heat time, the frying time, and the oil temperature recovery time are all super can be frying a second or third batch in the time other fryers are still pre-heating.
Economy: Using just 4 cups of oil (instead of the quarts or gallons used in other fryers) saves money on every batch.
Ease: The 4:4 ratio works ideally with the built in pre-set, automatic thermostat. The oil is heated to the perfect frying temperature and that temperature is maintained automatically. There are no dials to set, no temperatures to look up and no guesswork.
Storage: The 4:4 ratio allows the fryer to be compact in size for storage anywhere you want. It is easier to handle only 4 cups of oil when you want to strain or dispose of used oil. And with the FryDaddy deep fryer's snap-on lid, you can even store the oil right in the fryer for the next use.

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  • 148347 in Kitchen & Housewares

  • Brand: FryDaddy Elite

  • Model: 05426


  • Easy to Use! Maintains the ideal frying temperature automically.

  • Easy to Store! Snap-on lid lets you store oil right in the fryer to use again and again.

  • Brush Stainless Steel Exterior. Anodized aluminum interior for fast, even heating.

  • Makes four big servings with just four cups of oil.

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